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How to Make Employment Verification Document / Letter

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An employment verification letter - proof of work or experience certificate - is a document in which the employment status of a person is recorded, or that employment is held in a certain place. This confirms the time worked by a person within a company.

If you are an employer and you must extend one or if you are a worker and they ask you to write it only for signature, in this post you will know how to do it step by step .

You will also find a link to our free work certificate template at the end, so you can copy and modify it with your data.

It's written in a very similar way to a proof of salary letter, but it can be extended when the work is finished and include some comments regarding the work performed. It' is issued at the request of the worker or former employee. The employer is obliged to extend said document when required.

Although most companies have their own letter format or proof of work, it's important to know what this kind of document should include. All chart models follow more or less the same format, so it will be helpful to know.

What is an employment verification letter / a work certificate for?

Proof of work is useful for different procedures in which you have to prove the income you receive.

Some examples of cases in which you may be required to present proof of employment may be: Make credit applications, find a new job, apply for a scholarship, purchase a home or vehicle, pay alimony, etc.

Through this document, these entities can verify that you are on payroll in the company for the salary that you detail in any request you make.

As it's extended by the company's internal staff, it's usually printed on a sheet of letterhead. But this isn't a mandatory requirement if the company doesn't have it.

When it's a formally established company, the record must bear the seal of it, as you will see below.

How to make a proof of salary?

To provide proof of salary, we must know what to include within it. These are the elements that the text must contain:

  • City and date
  • Header or Recipient
  • Name of the interested party
  • Personal identity number
  • Period worked (start and end date)
  • Position held
  • Accrued Salary
  • Farewell (may include a comment on good behavior)
  • Company
  • Name, title and signature of the issuer or who authorizes the certificate
  • Company name and contact information
  • Company stamp (if available)

In the header you can directly put the name of the person or entity to whom the letter is addressed. But you can also put "To Whom It May Concern", which is valid for any case.

Simple example that verify a labor work

Now let's look at the labor constancy model step by step: First, we put the city and the date: New York, October 30, 2018.

Then, the header:

ABC inc.

I presented

Or it can be just one of these two:
To whom it may concern. To whom it May concern.

Now the worker data. Name, period worked, position and salary:
This means that Mr. Mark Smith, with identification number 12345678-9 , worked for our company from May 15, 2015 to October 15, 2018 , serving as a communications assistant, with a salary accrued of US $ 700.00 (seven hundred 00/100 US $) monthly .

Or if the contract is valid:
It's hereby stated that Mr. Mark Smith , with identification number 12345678-9 , is currently working for our company from May 15, 2015 to the present , serving as a communications assistant , with a accrued salary of US $ 700.00 (seven hundred 00/100 US $) monthly .

Now a closing and the data of the employer or issuer of the record:
During the period worked it has proven to be a responsible, capable and committed person with the fulfillment of the assigned tasks.

This certificate is extended for the purposes that the interested party deems appropriate. I remain at your service for more information if required.

Jan William
Managing Director

ABC Company



- As you can see, writing a work certificate is very simple, but very useful. Therefore, you must remember the elements a nd not omit any. Remember to make sure that your work certificate has the corresponding stamp, so that it's valid.

- Because the text of the work certificate is usually very short, you can do it with double-spaced lines or space and a half.

To do this, select all the content, go to the Paragraph menu in your word processor and choose 1.5 or double space.

- It's important to mention that, although in some cases, they can be sent to you by email, it's best to have a signed and sealed physical copy of your proof of work.

- For the sample we give you, we have used "to whom it may concern", but you can use any of the two header examples, as it suits you.

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