7 Tips for Making a Career


Have you been working for a few years and is it high time for the next step in your career? Above all, don't be left alone and take charge of your career. Read these seven tips so that you know what to do.

Seven Tips to Make a Career

1. Start with your current job

The best way to work on your career is: work! Continue to strive to do certain things even better, even if you feel that you have already mastered everything. Suggest your manager to approach and improve matters in a different way. For example, he or she may think of you when there is room for promotion.

2. Know what your manager expects from you

You may think that you're doing your job very well, but you're actually wasting a lot of time and talent on unimportant tasks. So make sure you know what your manager expects of you. In this way you know for yourself what you need to focus on if you want to grow and expand your career.

3. Keep learning

Everything is evolving, certainly in business. Don't assume that you have all the skills to make it. If you want to move forward in your position you must continue to learn. Making a career is refining your skills throughout your life, acquiring new skills and continuing to gain knowledge. Only in this way will you evolve with the world around you.

4. Ask questions and above all listen

Ask your colleagues and managers questions about things that interest you and listen carefully to what they tell you. How do things work exactly, and what can you do better yourself? Not only can you learn a lot from them that can be useful for your career, but people also appreciate it when you ask them for advice. And that can help to build a solid network.

5. Make and maintain contacts

Not only good contact with your colleagues and managers will benefit your career, it's also important to have a broader network of professional contacts. Through them you discover what is going on elsewhere and what opportunities and career opportunities there are.

6. Find out what your dream job is

If you're working on your career, it's useful to keep a goal in mind. Your dream job is one where you only do tasks that you enjoy. Find out whether you like to manage others or prefer to work on the technical side of the matter. Is managing your blood or are you a creative type? Search for creative marketing vacancies or management vacancies. Knowing who you're and where you want to go is an important step on your career path.

7. And ... action!

Whatever your goal may be - follow additional training, find a new job, set up your own company - the quickest way to achieve it's simply to make it work. Don't consider your current job as a kind of "waiting room" where you stay until something better crosses your path. Because that job also requires time and energy, and before you know it you'll be swallowed up in such a way that you lose sight of what you want to achieve in your career. So don't keep dreaming, but take action and find the job that suits you.

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