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5 Tips to Grow in Your Career


You have a nice job and you're completely in your place, but you want to keep growing. How do you approach that best? We provide five tips to make a career within your own position.

5 Tips for Career Growing

1. Don't lose your focus

The best way to work on your career is: work! Make sure you continue to see your goal on the horizon. You're probably not going in a straight line but at least monitor the bandwidth and ensure that there is a rising line in your development.

2. Determine in which areas you can grow

You have never finished learning! If you want to make a career you'll constantly have to keep on learning new skills and skills and acquiring new knowledge. If you feel comfortable with it, you can also ask feedback from confidential advisers (not necessarily colleagues) about the skills that you want to master better.

3. Take the iceberg rule of good feedback into account

If you show that you're willing, enthusiastic and able to handle criticism and advice, the person giving you feedback will be more inclined to give you the entire feedback story (the full iceberg) ) instead of just a small part of the feedback (the tip of the iceberg). So listen carefully and ask questions when you don't understand something. Be open to new ideas and the feedback you receive.

4. Accept changes with enthusiasm

Growth within your position is fun, but can also be very exciting. Try to put this tension away from you and be positive about the changes. Resist the temptation to give in to the uncertainty that comes with change. If you're unable to do this on your own, take your employer into confidence and ask him or her for help. Also make sure you ask all the questions that arise. When you know exactly where you stand, you'll see that you immediately gain more confidence!

5. Get your rest on time

It's good that you're ambitious, but it must not go wrong. We all need a moment to recharge. If you experience stress or grind, ring the bell on time. Ask a colleague if he can take over some things from you or take a few days off. A long weekend on the beach or a week in the sun (or in the backyard) can do wonders! A relaxed feeling provides better insights so that you'll ultimately perform better at work.

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