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New Year New chances. But most good intentions are often on the street with the Christmas tree before February. Forget your good intentions (if you can still remember them) and instead set goals that really help you. In the workplace, for example! With these five handy tips you'll be heading for a year full of growth, development and above all fun.

With these 5 career tips you get the best out of yourself!

Tip 1: Write down your goals

A good start is half the battle. That's why January is the best month to think carefully about what you actually want to achieve in the coming year. How do you ensure that you enjoy your work even more? And what do you want to become even better this year? Maybe you're still looking for the job of your dreams. Turn a large sheet of paper and write down three goals that you want to achieve in this year. Also discuss these goals with friends or family so that they can think along with you about how you can best achieve those goals. Moreover, you show that you seriously want to work on your own goals.

Tip 2: Get inspiration from your network

Ask your colleagues or managers what helped them the most in achieving their goals. Or ask your friends for good tips, while enjoying a drink on the Saturday night for example.

For useful advice and inspiration you don't only have to search within your offline network. On LinkedIn or even on Instagram or YouTube you'll find enough inspiration to make 2019 a top year in the workplace. So put on the bad shoes and make contact with interesting people. That way you not only increase your online network, but you might even get to your dream job through.

Tip 3: Push your limits

To move forward in your work it's a good idea to try something new more often. Push your limits and take on a new challenge. For example, sign up for a course or training that fits your purpose. For example, do you want to learn more about social media marketing? Or do you want to make sure that you rock your next application completely out of the pan? Whatever it is, go for it!

Tip 4: Celebrate your progress

Have you achieved a target or won a nice bonus? That may be celebrated. By rewarding yourself for something that you're proud of, you'll remain extra motivated to achieve your other goals. Celebrate it too when you've come a step closer to a personal goal, or when you've made someone else happy. Did you have someone on the phone today with a broken vacuum cleaner, and is he / she completely happy with your nice service and the new vacuum cleaner that you send to them? That too is progress. Celebrate that bite!

Tip 5: Do something for another

Don't forget to help someone from your network once in a while. Are you already in the right place for your current job, but do you come across an interesting vacancy that happened to fit your best friend? Send it directly. You get a good feeling about it yourself and with a bit of luck you help the other person to find his or her ultimate job.

In addition, people remember it when you do a service and they like to be able to give something back. Sometimes that comes exactly when you need it the most. Who knows, this help from an unexpected angle is exactly the nudge that helps you to reach your goals.

They were the tips. Use it to your advantage. That's how you get everything done in this time, you tiger!

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