10 Tips for Making a Good Application


The good job application letter provides a summary picture of your career and it briefly explains why you're motivated to apply for the job.

Basically, you have to show what you can - show it, don't tell it.

We have listed here 10 best tips that help making a successful application letter

1 - Red thread

There must be a clear red thread from the job posting through your application letter and resume. Spend a good time reading through the job posting, and focus in particular on clarifying your experience and skills in relation to the content of the job.

2 - Summarize your resume

The application letter should provide a summary picture of your resume . For example, if you have worked with sales in two different companies, three years in one and five years in the other, you must state in your application letter that you have eight years of sales experience.

3 - Motivated application letter

Your application letter must contain a section where you clearly state your motivation for respectively. the job and the company you're applying for. That's why the term "motivated application letter" is used.

4 - Your background

You need to tell a little about your background, presenting your age, your education and the red thread of your career.

5 - Your offer

You must submit your offer to the company, where you respond carefully to the approx. five key requirements of the job ad that prove why you match the position well.

6 - Personality

You need to talk about your personality, describing how you consider yourself a person and how this qualifies you for the job.

7 - Termination notice

In a possible rounding you can write your notice of termination or you can mention if you're in a terminated position.

8 - Short and precise

Your application letter must be written in a short and precise language. It's our recommendation that it doesn't fill more than one A4 page.

9 - An inviting layout

You should choose a layout and font that's consistent throughout both your application letter and resume.

10 - Application letter in PDF format

You should submit both your application letter and resume in PDF format, so that the layout doesn't change when the application letter is opened on another computer.

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