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Skill: Think Rationally

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The followings are the key elements for helping you think rationally.


Analyzing is the systematic analysis of a complex problem in its elements. That means that you can describe what exactly the problem is, what the causes may be, who is involved and what else you need to know to be able to solve the problem. A good analysis is often the start of the solution.


People often disagree with each other. At work in meetings and during your training in project groups, you will regularly disagree with others. If you have a disagreement, you must convince the other person of your point of view by arguing. You then use good arguments and clear reasoning. You argue orally in a discussion or in writing in an argument.

Critical thinking

Critical thinking means that you analyze and evaluate information independently of others. You come to your own well-founded conclusions by thinking carefully. The requirements that are set for you vary depending on the level of your position or education.

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