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Skill: Develop Vision

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If you look back from the present, things have often gone very differently than you had thought years before. If you had known that beforehand ... If you have a vision, you have a clear picture of what you want to happen in the future. You can anticipate that. Whether your vision for the future comes true is of course a second. Fortunately, you, as a department or as an organization, can influence that future .

Vision on three levels

Having a vision is not only reserved for the top of the organization. There are several levels:

- An organizational vision gives a short and clear answer to the question: how do we see ourselves in the world of tomorrow?
- A department vision is a concrete picture of the future for a department. Where does the department need to develop in order to realize the organizational vision?
- A personal vision is the awareness of what is really important to you, translated into a concrete image of what you want to achieve.

How do you show when applying that you can develop your vision?

"We are looking for a financial manager who is able to develop a clear vision of the future of the Finance department" is stated in the advertisement.

You think how you can best demonstrate this. The organization is looking for someone who, together with the employees of the department, can develop a desired image of the future and then put it into practice .

You have undergone a major reorganization in your current work as a controller. You were the initiator of the project group that was responsible for formulating the vision for the organization. Your contribution to the project group was, among other things, that you were able to translate events into their importance for the future. Your colleagues greatly appreciated that. You put this in your letter of application. For the job interview, you try to prepare a first step towards a vision based on information about the company and the industry. You can optionally specify a member of the project group as a reference .

Other examples

- Advisor: I have written articles in which I gave my vision on organizational change. This apparently appealed to many people, because I have often been approached for assignments. I also regularly give lectures on this subject.
- Manager: I have involved all my employees in formulating a vision for the future in the department. After all, we also have to implement it together. I did discover that there must be someone who recognizes the good ideas and picks them out. I played that role.
- Teacher: I think it is important for a child's development that he learns to decide for himself when and how he wants to learn something. In my view, the teacher helps to develop these skills and provides the child with the information he needs. I fully recognize this vision of education in the vision of your school.

Examples of questions about your vision during the job interview:

- Which developments do you see becoming important in the future? How do you think we should deal with that?
- Have you ever written a plan for the future? How did you ensure that it was convincing and that there was support?

Nice statements about vision and future

"If you can imagine the future, you are already halfway".

"If we focus on the past, we run the risk of being overtaken by the future".

"I think a lot about the future, because it is there that I will spend the rest of my life".

"They always say time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself".

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