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Top 5 Resume Trends 2019

1. Sharpen your contact information.

Put simply: recruiters and employers are busy. Make their job easier by hyperlinking your email address so that your application can be answered with one click.

Also use active links to your LinkedIn profile and other social media accounts that are suitable for being seen by a potential employer.

2. Make your resume "stand out."

Depending on the industry you're in, you can distinguish your resume with some design. Pay attention, for example, a graphic designer has more room for this than, for example, an account manager. A slight touch to the design can of course hardly ever hurt.

Some professionals recommend using color to create a unique resume. To keep it professional you can make the best section cups blue, for example, whereby the rest remains black. Use a modern and clean font such as Cambria, Calibri or Georgia. This standard font works on all systems and is clear, clear and appropriate for everyone.

3. Conduct the reader's eye

The internet age has changed reading behavior. The time when a page is read from top to bottom is over. It often remains with continuous scanning and viewing of individual parts of a page. An unstructured page makes this form of fast information impossible.

Don't miss out on your valuable experiences and skills. Therefore use italic headings on the appropriate parts to make your performance stand out.

4. Most employers use a resume filtering software

Many medium and large companies use software to filter job applications. To get through this software when you apply, you must use the correct keywords in your resume. You can do this easily by incorporating the word use of the vacancy into your resume.

A simple change from, for example, 'customer service' to 'customer relationships' can already ensure that your resume is accepted or rejected. An employer is looking for someone from the point of view of the company and the job requirement. Make sure your resume is tailored to this.

5. Limit the length of your resume

Despite what you have heard here and there, your resume doesn't have to be a maximum of one or two pages. A known statement is "A resume is as long as it's needed to convey the content and not a word.", a two-page resume can be suitable for someone with 30 years of experience, not for a high school student or just a graduate.

To save space, use bullet points, active verb forms and industry-specific terms. Finally, you can omit the obvious 'references available on request'.

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