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Performing a TMS package selection to find software that fully meets your requirements and requirements is often difficult due to the large selection. The not always clear distinction between the various software packages doesn't make it easier to select a TMS package because many functionalities overlap. In this article you'll find tips for a good preparation for TMS package selection.

Demands and wishes

During the preparation for TMS package selection, it's important to gain insight into your wishes and requirements. How does your organization work and what is essential? What's missing? Where do you see opportunities for improvement? What are your goals and what growth is expected? What other systems are being used etc. Understanding your requirements and wishes is crucial before you can start looking for potential suppliers. The range of TMS packages is such that you'll no longer see the forest for the trees and based on your requirements and wishes you can immediately remove certain packages.


In preparation for TMS package selection, it's important to set priorities so that the TMS system isn't unnecessarily complex and expensive. What are the must haves, nice to haves and don't needs? Having a must haves and nice to haves list makes selection a lot easier and gives you something specific to ask suppliers.

Insight into business processes

In addition to insight into your requirements and wishes, insight into your business processes is important for TMS package selection. The best thing is a description per process or officer, so that you have a clear overview and don't overlook any issues. After all, it's impossible to adapt the business processes to the TMS system. A good understanding of your business processes and strengths and weaknesses is essential. Maintaining the strengths and improving the weaknesses are aspects that must be worked out and form the basis for further TMS package selection.

Project group TMS package selection

To make a TMS package selection as efficient as possible, it's wise to create a project group that deals with all matters related to selection. For example, targeted selection can be made and issues are overlooked less quickly than when the TMS package selection is placed on the board of one person.


Once your requirements package has been prepared you can continue your TMS package selection by comparing the requirements with the range of suppliers. Take into account growth and additional requirements. A flexible party that offers tailor-made solutions can respond better to future wishes. First of all, draw up a long list based on your requirements and hold orientation interviews as an introduction.

Make a shortlist

You can convert your long list into a short list based on the orientation interviews. Ask these suppliers for a feasibility study to specify the options and costs. After this you can invite these suppliers for a demonstration of their TMS package.


Based on options, costs and time frame, the next step in TMS package selection is making a decision in principle with regard to supplier. Once this choice has been made you can complete the selection with a contract review.

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