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The Student Resume

It's difficult for students or starters on the labor market to make a comprehensive resume. After all, you have little or no work experience, apart from a few side jobs. Therefore, pay extra attention to a personal profile, and give extra explanation about your studies and hobbies.

Skills resume

As a starter in the job market you choose the best for a skills resume . The emphasis is on your qualities, skills and personal profile. Your training and hobbies will follow. You can close the resume with your work experience, but on a skills resume this can also be omitted.

Personal profile on student or starter resume

A side job as a course filler isn't very sexy on your resume. Therefore, in your personal profile, emphasize the elements that may sound sexy for the next employer. As a course filler you are, for example, customer and service oriented.

You can also apply this principle to other side jobs. A newspaper delivery boy has perseverance and a sense of responsibility, and a member of a fast food chain not only gains hospitality experience, but also learns a lot about stress resistance. Did you work as a salesperson in a call center, from door to door, or on the street? Then you know what it's like to work with targets. Put the emphasis on these skills!

Hobbies and interests

Your hobbies and interests can also tell you a lot about you. Someone who loves drawing or arranging flowers is creative, a model train collector has an eye for detail and a sport like Tai Chi requires a lot of discipline. You don't have to mention all your hobbies, but at least state your interests that have characteristics that are relevant to the position you're applying for.

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