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The Start of a Curriculum Vitae

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Do you have doubts about how to start your Curriculum Vitae ? Not sure how to introduce yourself or what phrase to use to start your professional summary ? Of course, the first impression is what counts. And, when you develop your resume or curriculum vitae, you're preparing the showcase that defines you professionally towards the company you're going to. Believe it or not, the phrases for Curriculum Vitae you choose will be decisive to make a good impression. Why don't you take a look at the phrases to start a curriculum that we propose?

Your Curriculum Vitae should be interesting enough so that the human resources professional wants to continue reading it and even more, decide to organize an interview later, which may end up becoming that new job you're looking for .

In that sense we want to give you some recommendations before starting to write the curriculum with some phrases that will help you start safely and professionally

How to start my Curriculum Vitae?

First, starting the document with the terms "Curriculum Vitae" is a mistake , and one of the most important!

Keep in mind that the recruiter already knows that he is facing a professional summary, so it's not necessary to be repetitive about it. In addition, repeating the title at the beginning of the Curriculum denotes lack of originality and creativity in the professional to be evaluated.

There is no single phrase to start your Curriculum , but here are some ideas that can guide you:

Personal information : It's a classic. In this modality the professional includes his most important personal data. The first and last name, profession and contact information that includes telephone, email and address.

Brief introduction : In this case, the professional prefers to start his resume with a summary of his objectives for the curriculum and his professional experience briefly. It can also be accompanied by skills and abilities.

Professional experience and academic training : If you decide to start the document with this formula, you must summarize your experience as a professional in the different jobs in which you have participated. It's more convenient for people with a long work journey.

The best phrases to present a Curriculum Vitae

Every curriculum has a specific structure that you must respect to favor the interpretation of the recruiter.

While it's true that today, there are many types of curriculum , if the type of company you're addressing is rather classic, you should maintain a professional and confident style of yourself. While if the job you're going to fill is creative, don't forget to add some aspect that differentiates you.

Here are some examples of phrases to present your Curriculum and take advantage over other candidates:

"I'm [name], specialist in [training and experience]. In the last team in which I developed my work [name of previous company] I was able to increase performance and efficiency by an [estimate]% more."

"I have a great capacity for self-learning , this allows me to achieve better productivity rates for the company, in relation to the management of work teams, not needing a partner who has to constantly tell me what my tasks are."

"I have experience with teamwork and I have empathy for problem solving . I believe that a company is like a big family, and I try to make the professional climate the best possible in terms of treatment and improvements for each of us."

"I have a high sense of commitment and responsibility for what I can guarantee that the task assigned to me will be managed diligently. However, when sometimes difficulties arise that may hinder the development of the activity, I propose useful solutions and alternatives for accelerate response times. "

Good Luck!

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