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The Satisfied Candidate is a Customer

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Satisfied candidates and customers ensure a satisfied recruiter. If every part of the puzzle is happy with the process, the entire process runs smoother and more efficiently.

But if your part of the puzzle fits perfectly, does that also apply to the others? If your agency on the one hand does everything it can to guide the candidate as well as possible, does that affect how the client feels on the other? Or as the Rolling Stones sing it, " Will they get no satisfaction?".

Attract the best (and most) candidates

Does a snake get a happy face when you tickle it at its other end? Let us look at what happens when the focus is on candidate guidance. It is no secret that, even at a time when candidates have more and more to say, many recruitment agencies treat job seekers as numbers.

Do not you believe me? These are figures from a survey of 95,000 candidates held in the context of the Candidate Experience Awards .

More than 61% of the candidates who were invited to an interview subsequently received no useful information from the recruiter.

26% of the candidates who had a job interview described the prior information from the recruitment agency as "detailed". Only 5.5% of the unselected candidates received feedback from the recruiter that they thought could be considered reasonably useful.

55.9% of the candidates didn't hear from the recruiter after the job interview. These were only the candidates who were qualified to apply and be allowed to interview. Other applicants or candidates who were not invited for an interview are not included. Most people do n't want to see these numbers at all!

If there are so few recruiters who guide their candidates positively and to the end, then the recruiters who do so are a welcome exception. If you ensure that your recruitment agency is the exception to the rule, then your visibility and brand improve . Candidates talk to other job seekers about their positive experiences with your agency. They provide the word of mouth that every organization dreams of .

By focusing on your desk to the guide explain the candidate, you attract more and better candidates. Top talents place great value on convenience and efficiency during their coaching.

The benefits for the customer

You have satisfied, healthy and more than enough talents on the supply side. Does that affect the course of events at the customer? And if so, what is that influence?

The benefits speak for themselves. The more candidates and the better the profile, the greater the chance that your agency can deliver the perfect person. The customers are satisfied with the people you introduce. That should be the core task of every self-respecting recruitment agency.

But it's not just about the people you can offer. The way you offer them can be faster if the relationship with the candidates is good. Customers can dub for months about a vacancy, but once they know what they want, they expect you to respond within a few days or even hours. Unreasonable? Absolutely . But by making good use of your good relationship with the candidates, you can attract a difficult situation.

A satisfied, trusted and motivated candidate will answer your call or message about a vacancy earlier. And if you can introduce more suitable candidates to the client, you respond faster than your competitors.

Focus on the Candidate Experience

Properly guiding the candidate has a knock-on effect on customer satisfaction. But what does the guidance of the candidate look like? What should a recruitmen agency focus on to guide candidates in the right way?

Candidates' ties with their recruitment agency can be improved in different ways (In Relevant candidates, a guide for the recruiter , some of these tips and other tips are covered ):

- If possible, send targeted messages and not bulk messages
- Communicate regularly with your candidates, not only if you have a vacancy
- Show why a certain vacancy fits the candidate well
- Be honest about the candidate's chance of success
- Know and work on the USPs of your company and show them to the candidates
- Be as accessible as possible for your candidates

By focusing and focusing on positive guidance from the candidate, you give your company the best chance of lasting success. A satisfied candidate ensures a satisfied customer. And a satisfied customer ensures a satisfied recruiter.

If they had sung about recruitment (and they did), then the Rolling Stones were wrong. "You can get satisfaction" , provided you first focus on the satisfaction of your candidates.

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