The Role of Manager


A manager must determine the mission and goals of each. Create a work environment enabling employees to feel good to work better. Its interventions are directed towards the employees and towards the Direction to dispose of the necessary means then to use them wisely.

Displaced words or gestures, deficient systems and organizations, inappropriate policies are weaknesses to correct.

Good communication enables employees to understand the manager's difficulties and encourages them to achieve short-term goals.

The counterpart is an assurance on the part of the manager to change the situation of each (recognition, hierarchical level, competence, salary, ...). By helping its employees and recognizing their know-how, the manager reinforces the skills of his team and reinforces his ability to achieve his objectives.

A business executive who has a middle management must be aware that for team leaders, it's easier to blame employees than management.

Service managers who are demanding with their manager (company manager) is also a guarantee of success because they grow their team but also the Direction, provided they are competent and they have the measure and the common sense.

In summary

Manager is an attitude, a real desire to work with others, hierarchically or functionally, to help his teams succeed and make the company perform well. Management is a continuous learning process that feeds on the experience of human relations.

The value of a manager lies less in his knowledge of the techniques and his ability to apply them than in his empathy, his know-how and his being in his relations with the other.

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