The Modern Way to Construct Your Resume


You're looking for a new challenge and you have a job opening that you would like to apply for. Nice, but also exciting. The first two steps you must take when applying for a job are to write a cover letter and to make a resume (CV). This is experienced by many people as very difficult.

You can use the following tips of a modern resume template as a starting point or basis to create your own resume, but let's first explain how to build a modern resume.

The construction of a modern resume

As you can see in the various examples, each resume starts with some personal information. Think of name, address, city, telephone number and email address. These are crucial parts of any resume. In addition to this standard information, a modern resume shouldn't include a link to the LinkedIn profile (business social media). If relevant, you can also share information about the driver's license or languages. You then write a profile, also called a personal profile. Here you mention something about yourself and what makes you unique in a few sentences. An example of a personal profile:

I'm a passionate, enthusiastic professional, and care about my work. I like to listen to people and help them further, this gives me energy and motivates me all the more to do my job well.

After the personal profile you share your work experience, followed by training and courses. It's also important to mention your extracurricular activities, also known as side activities, on your resume. If special skills are required, for example computer knowledge, don't forget to mention them explicitly somewhere. Read more about the structure of a resume here.

3 tips for a modern resume template that scores

Finally, I share a few tips so that you can score with your resue and get your dream job:

1. Take care of your resume and make it easy to read

It sounds like an open door but the less is true. Provide a clear, uncluttered CV without spelling mistakes. A well-cared for and legible resume attracts attention and is remembered by recruiters and future employers. So use headings, lots of whitespace, a clearly legible font and make use of lists with short sentences and / or bullets. If your resume is difficult to read but you have all the capabilities for this position, then you can often whistle for that job. The reader loses attention and your resume ends up at the bottom of the pile.

2. Write actively and result-oriented

In particular, try to use active verb forms in the resume. Think: I arranged, I acquired, I led. In addition, result-oriented writing reinforces your resume. What have you achieved? What have you achieved in your current position? Avoid lengthy sentences and be specific about your work experience, responsibilities and goals achieved in your current job.

3. Keep it simple

A final tip that should definitely be taken into account for a strong and modern resume: keep it simple. A resume is a short and well-arranged sketch of everything you have done in your professional life. So use it to emphasize your strong qualities without mentioning too many side issues. During a job interview there is enough room to delve more into the details. In addition, recruiters only have a few seconds to view your resume. So make sure you know how to use this time to the maximum.

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