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Unusual language or a boring straightforward resume without a clear layout is no longer possible today. Even in the most traditional branches, people keep up with the times and the same applies to resumes.

Modern resume examples

The ideal design of your resume fits in seamlessly with your industry or the position you have in mind. With a modern resume you show that you're up to date. If necessary, personalize your resume for the position you're applying for to show that your resume perfectly matches the job description and the key words used in the vacancy text. That too is part of a modern resume.

Otherwise it's not always better

'Modern' isn't the same as 'special'. So you don't have to reinvent the concept of resume, because clarity and legibility are also important in a modern resume.

Avoid elements that raise more questions than answer them. It's therefore better to replace complicated graphs that show the level of your knowledge or skills with a clear, but modernly designed list of values.

Link to your social media profiles

Nowadays, almost every recruiter looks up an applicant online before being invited for an interview. Give them a helping hand by mentioning your social media profiles (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.). This keeps you in control, and you can try to steer the recruiter somewhat.

Do you also have your own website or online portfolio? Then you can optionally choose to add a QR code to your resume. This allows the recruiter - even during the job interview - to easily open your site or portfolio.

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