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The Job Details Must Attract Talents

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The success of a hiring starts from the moment you publish your vacancy effectively. A detailed description of the position to be filled is decisive. To do this, it's essential to understand what are the strengths that a candidate values ​​when encountering a job offer.

Title. It's one of the key points. Just as candidates need to attract the recruiter's attention with an attractive resume degree, the same goes for companies that need to attract staff for their staff. Although within the organization the name of the position is very technical, at the time of publishing it in an employment exchange it must be attractive.

Imagine how people would look for the job your company offers. "SME Flyer" isn't the same as "Banking and customer service advisor for SMEs".

Job Description. There is no specific structure to detail a vacancy, however, and according to the parameters that each organization has at this point, adequate information must be provided so that candidates have a real idea of ​​the functions they will perform in case of Be hired: company introduction, job responsibilities, minimum requirements, skills.

Location. It seems an obvious point, however, sometimes it's limited to mentioning a geographical area without specifying the exact place where the work is carried out. Is it near any accessible means of transport? Is it only office work or are there also field activities? Knowing this point is vital for many people as they can make an authentic evaluation of the distances to travel to their workplace.

Posting a detailed vacancy with useful information will have advantages in your hiring processes:

1. You give confidence to the candidate. The clearer and more complete the job offer, the greater the perception that it's a serious and reliable company.

2. Reduces low quality applications. Establishing the hiring requirements reduces the number of nominated candidates that do not cover the profile.

3. Your vacancy will be easier to find. A detailed vacancy provides keywords that make it easier for your offer to appear in various search results.

With a well-developed job offer you have a better chance of having an effective talent acquisition and successful hiring process.

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