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The Importance of People in Organizations

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Companies and organizations in general have a common element : they are all made up of people who constitute their human and professional team. The technical, computer and infrastructure resources are important, but ultimately it's the people who carry out the advances, achievements and errors of the companies for which they work. It's they who ultimately have to make the decisions, which makes them responsible for the good or bad progress of the company.

Therefore, it's not an exaggeration to say that the most appreciated asset of companies is the talent of people. And the current context, globalized at the level of economy, finance, market and tremendously competitive has only reinforced the value of people, making them the element that, at the time of truth, marks the differences.

The evolution of the role of people in companies

The role of people in business organization has evolved a lot. During the nineteenth and early twentieth century employees were considered only as labor who performed a mechanical work, without added value and easily replaceable.

Subsequently, a new concept of Human Resources (HR) appeared, which considered the individual as an important resource, which should be managed and organized correctly to help the smooth running of the company.

Currently, one more step has been taken, most companies are aware that to be successful and be ahead of the competition they must select their professional team as best as possible, motivate them and enhance their talent, trying to make professionals satisfied. and with a good level of well-being.

The management of human potential

Organizations are more effective if they manage their human capital with a strategic character, in order to increase their value and efficiency and achieve their mission through the development of people and their alignment around values and a shared and joint vision. In line with this strategy, some of the objectives currently set by companies through the HR Directorate are:

- Achieve a greater commitment at work
- Maintain and raise the worker satisfaction.
- Create people leaders
- Help create effective and profitable work teams.
- Maximize performance by optimizing the contribution of people.
- Detect, enhance and retain talent.

To achieve this, various techniques can be carried out. within companies, among which are:

- Performance evaluation.
- Formation plansAppropriate.
- Implementation of continuous improvement systems and process optimization.
- Starting of of quality management systems such as ISO standards or models of excellence.
- I plansIncentive and motivation professionals.
- Actions for improve the work environment.
- Work health promotion plans and reduce risks.

All these actions contribute to achieving greater satisfaction and motivation of people, which brings benefits to organizations such as greater effectiveness and efficiency in the processes. reduce costs or increase profitability and business productivity.

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