The Employee Experience


What is Employee Experience? Why is important? how it effects your organization? This article helps to get better understanding.

What is employee experience?

We probably all know the concept of customer experience. In recent years, the concept of employee experience has been on the rise.

Employee experience is the best experience in which an employee optimally cooperates with the organization from arrival to departure and everything in between.

Years ago, an organization cared little about employee experience. Little attention was paid to involvement, empowerment, creativity or inspiration. This seems to be changing now. People want a workplace where they can enjoy working instead of 'having to work'. The battle for talent has never been so great.

Everything in the organization, from the food available in the workplace, the technology, the office space and the collaboration, achieving goals together and working with pleasure and commitment, is all part of the Employee experience.

Money is no longer the only factor

Money is no longer the only motivating factor for employees. Employee experience seems to play an increasingly important role in the workplace. There is no customer experience without employee experience.

"Customers won't get what employees aren't given".

Employee satisfaction leads to customer satisfaction. This leads to more productivity, growth and profit.

Employee Experience still relatively unknown

It's not only about what employees 'must do' but also what they like to do. What motivates and inspires them. This is still relatively unknown territory for many organizations.

It's therefore essential to map the Employee experience. How involved are the employees? How much enjoyment do employees have at work? What makes employees happy is that various tools have been developed to map the Employee Experience. And regularly listening to what drives employees is an important part of Employee Experience.

It starts with the leaders

A positive employee experience starts with an emotionally safe climate. Leaders must set a good example and ensure an emotionally safe climate. A climate where there is trust, pride and happiness. An environment in which people inspire and motivate each other.

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