The Definition of Job Requirements


A job requirement is the knowledge, skills, education, work experience, and other elements required for the performance of a job. Job requirements are included in the job profile as part of the organizational model. It's the basis for your entire HR cycle of inflow, throughflow and outflow.

At the moment that positions are clearly defined including the associated tasks, responsibilities and authorities, the requirements for the performance of a certain function can be determined.

Job requirements and knowledge:

To perform a function one needs certain knowledge. A specified level of education and direction must be included.

Job requirements and skills:

Also certain skills are required for the output of the function. You need to describe this, for example: managerial skills, communication skills, ..etc.

Job requirements and work experience:

Is it necessary in the job to have a certain work experience?

Job requirements and personal characteristics:

Personal characteristics also play an important role in the performance of the job.

Specific demands for the job requirements:

There may also be specific job requirements such as: accessibility, flexibility (in case of shift work).

The job requirements effect the following HR cycles:

  • Recruitment and selection
  • Preparation of the vacancy text
  • Performance appraisals
  • Review and the assessment interview
  • Education and training
  • Job evaluation
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