The Definition of a Work Experience Letter


This article shows you what is the definition of a Work Experience Letter - also named as an experience certificate - and give you a brief information about it.

What is a Work Experience Letter?

A work experience letter (certificate) is a written statement in which a (former) employer records that an employee has performed work for a certain period for a company that describes the nature of the work, the period of employment and the manner and reason why it was employment has been terminated. An experience letter is issued at the request of the (former) employee if the employee is dismissed or if his or her employment ends.

What an experience letter says?

In an experience letter, the employer describes how the employee has functioned in the opinion of the employer. A work experience letter can therefore be regarded as a type of written reference that the employee can use when applying for a position at another employer. An experience letter can be a recommendation from the former employer that recommends the employee in writing for new employers.

A certificate is usually positive

Most certificates/letters are positive. This is for the simple reason that employees who have worked well generally ask for an experience letter. Employees who haven't performed well or have been dismissed themselves due to malfunctions will generally not request an experience letter. Someone who has received an experience letter with a negative content will generally not show the letter during an application. That's why most of experience letters used for applications are provided with positive and even positive content.

Experience letters and references

An experience letter is issued on behalf of a company. Often a signature is placed under the certificate of a manager, director or personnel officer of the company. This person can serve as a reference. Furthermore, other persons can also be specified as a reference in an experience letter.

A Work experience letter must be provided on request

An employer is legally obliged to provide a work experience certificate/letter to an employee if he or she so requests. The letter is then issued at the end of the employment contract. The employer must do this to support the employee in his or her further career and search for another job.

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