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» What is a Job Interview

The definition of a job interview

A job interview is a conversation between an applicant and one or more representatives of the company that has a vacancy. The conversation is often personal (physically present) but a first conversation can nowadays also be made through a video call using internet communication applications (for example skype).

The purpose

The purpose of a job interview is two-sided. The company wants to get to know you (better) & see if you're a suitable candidate for the vacancy (and the organization). Right experiences, knowledge, skills & character.

You also want to get to know the company. Is this a company I want to work for? Does this vacancy (position) suit me?

Types of conversations

An application procedure usually consists of several, consecutive interviews. Your first interview often serves as an orientation or introduction. Employers sometimes receive hundreds of responses to one vacancy. Many applicants drop out during the letter selection, but when the pond is well filled, there is a good chance that a large number of candidates will meet the stated job profile. Conducting a job interview with everyone is time-consuming and therefore costly. That's why more and more companies are pre-selecting. Based on the result, it'll be decided whether you'll be invited for the first job interview. There are various pre-selection methods, such as the speed date and the video application .

Prepare for conversation

Whether you're a beginner or a veteran in the field of applying for a job, in order to show the best of yourself, prepare for your interview. You decide what you want to achieve in the conversation. You can also practice the conversation so that you know what to expect.

First impression

At the introduction the first judgment is made about you. It's therefore important that you pay attention to your appearance and that you're relaxed so that you make a good first impression. Conversation techniques: which questions can you expect and how do you answer them smartly?

During the interview you'll be asked all sorts of questions to be able to assess whether you're the person looking for the company. It's important that you answer these job questions smartly and say the right things. The STAR method is a useful technique for this. At the end of the conversation you also ask yourself a number of questions .

Attitude and appearance

Your attitude and appearance also determine the tone of a job interview. The trick is to find the balance between the uninterested attitude "I'm just the way I am" and do your best too hard and override yourself.

Your vote as a calling card

Not only what you tell during the conversation is important, but also how you do this. Almost 40 percent of the sound of your voice determines how you come across to someone else. It's therefore wise to pay attention to your use of voice in addition to your choice of clothing and answers.

Close conversation

The conversation is almost over. What should you do and what should you not do to leave a good final impression?

To evaluate

It's very instructive for yourself to reflect on every conversation, so that you know what went well and what you could do better next time.

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