The Definition of a CV


This article shows you what is the definition of a cv - also named as a curriculum vitae or job resume - and what components must be included in your cv.

What is a CV?

The CV (Curriculum Vitae/Resume) is the document that describes your professional experience, education, leisure interests etc., and to present what competencies you have acquired in the various areas.

The CV is backward and shows the experiences and competences you have gained previously. Together, a structured CV and a good application are your admission ticket for the job interview and for the job.

Writing a good CV requires that you manage to put into words your personal competencies and the results you have achieved. You need to see your CV as a dynamic document, which you must always make sure to tailor and target to the specific job you're looking for. Therefore, you must also make sure to give a thorough research before the writing starts and familiarize yourself with the company you're planning to send your CV to.

The good CV - sell yourself in few seconds

The CV is in many ways what is to sell the item - the product, which in this case is you. For, few seconds is typically the time spent scanning a CV from the application stack. P oor few seconds is what it takes to assess whether you're qualified for the job.

Therefore, it's also important that you give priority to preparing a structured CV that contains all the information that is relevant to your future employer. The contents of your CV must briefly and accurately describe your work tasks and competences in an adequate manner. A description of tasks is also good documentation for your experience and your competencies.

Write a CV that will get you into conversation

However, it's not only important to have a CV filled with relevant information, you should also spend time on the graphic expression and the entire visual layout of your CV - this gives a good first-hand impression. A CV is in many ways also contributing to giving the company an overview of who you're as a person and where you have your unique areas of competence. Overall, your CV should therefore give a future employer a clear idea of ​​what competencies and qualifications you possess.

But what should your CV contain if it gets you to the crucial job interview? We recommend that you always be honest in your CV - it's difficult to sell a product that you can't quite recognize. Make sure to highlight the part of your professionalism and motivation that matches exactly what the company is looking for in the position you are looking for. Think about the overall impression - is there a red thread in the construction of your CV and does it look visually neat?

Prioritize your work tasks, experiences and the results you have achieved in a chronological order so that the newest is first. Last but not least, your CV shouldn't be longer than 2-3 pages.

Target your CV to the job

Customize your CV for the job you're looking for. If there is a job posting, evaluate which of your competencies and experiences are relevant. These are the ones that need to be highlighted in the CV so that the employer can easily and quickly see if you have what he / she needs.

Contents of the chronological CV

The chronological CV is usually divided into different categories, for example:

- Brief intro with personal data and contact information.
- Work experience. Describe the different jobs you have had. Explain the relevant things.
- Education and qualifying courses. Highlight the relevant competences you have acquired. If you're a student or a recent graduate, write your degree before your work experience.
- Language proficiency. Which languages, level in writing and speech.
- IT level.
- Abroad if you have foreign experiences with jobs or studies.
- Profile. Who are you?
- Interests. Describe something other than homely cosiness and family. What are you reading? What are you passionate about besides your job? What are you doing when you enjoy yourself?
- Any references, but only if the company has requested it.

The order can be different from person to person. If you have a broad professional experience, you may prioritize work experience before education.


√ My layout is nice. There is structure and overview.

√ Number of pages and names of all pages. Possibly. as a footnote.

√ My photo is a well-liked face photo with a white background.

The √ CV is saved as a PDF file to preserve all settings.

√ My CV takes up to 2-3 pages.

You have to deal with your CV so it looks like a million billion! Use the checklist and make sure you're on the right track. If necessary, get a professional to look through your CV.

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