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The Definition of a Cover Letter

The cover letter is a form of message that you write to (send/email) an employer in order to engage him, it's about how to write a professional statements for marketing yourself in the best way to be called for an interview as your next step.

The purpose

The purpose of your cover letter is to create so much interest in yourself that the recipient wants to invite you to a job interview. In the cover letter you have to argue why you're the right candidate for the job. You must answer why you're looking for the job, what you can offer and how your skills can be used in the position.

The cover letter shouldn't be a repetition of your resume. The good targeted cover letter consists of five elements:

1- Heading

The headline must capture the reader's interest. Optionally, choose two keywords that suit you and which are a requirement in the job advertisement. Find a tone that matches the job ad.

Trap: You get overfilled.

2- Introduction

The introduction should give the reader the desire to read on. Show that you have understood what the company needs and what the position is.

Trap: You tell what you're doing in your current job.

3- Motivation

Here you have to convince the reader that you're passionate about the job. Write why you're applying for the position. Provide specific reasons for why you want the job. What do you find appealing about the job, the tasks and the company ? Good reasons for why you're applying for the job show that you have understood the content of the job. Write in person and think carefully.

Traps: You tell why you're looking away from your current job or strips scams.

4- Match of skills and requirements

Here you have to tell the reader what you have to offer. You need to convince the reader that you're the right person for the job. Answer how you want to use your experience and skills in the specific position. Focus on what characterizes you and underpin concrete examples.

Traps: You write such general reasons that they become bland.

5- Ending

The end must set up for a conversation. Express a positive expectation to meet for a conversation. Consider yourself an equal interlocutor worth meeting with.

Trap: You become too humble and appear small.

Language, form and layout
It's important that your cover letter appears simple and clear to the reader. Restrict your cover letter to a single page and make sure you create an airy layout. Strive to write in a living and personal language rather than writing long or formal sentences.

Select a readable font and use font size 11 or 12 point. If necessary, use the footer function in Word to create your own letterhead, where you write your name, address phone number and email.

It's common for companies to prefer to receive the cover letter in an email. Use the email to write a short message for example:

An cover letter is hereby submitted to the position as X.

Attach resume and cover letter as files. If necessary, also write in the email where you have seen the cover letter if the company requests this.

It's a good idea to have someone read the cover letter before sending it. Mistakes and unfortunate formulations send a signal that you haven't done you wrong and can mean that you're chosen from.

Checklist for the completed cover letter
- Is the name of the company, address and contact spelled correctly?
- Has the date changed if you use an old cover letter as a template?
- Is the cover letter signed if you submit it by regular mail?
- Is your address, phone number and email correct on the cover letter?
- Have you read the review?
- Is the cover letter sent before the deadline?

Good advice for your cover letter
- Show that you're passionate about the job. One who is passionate about his work is worth considerably more than one who is just interested in something.
- Believe in your abilities and be proud of your results - but don't overdo it.
- Write what you can and omit what you can't.
- Use humor wisely - you can easily be misunderstood.

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