The Definition of a Career Test


What is the definition of a Career Test? Why is important? Read this article to find appropriate answers.

What is a Career Test?

A career test - professional choice test or a professional test - is a test that can be done by a person who wants to gain more insight into his or her ambitions and career.

There is a wide variety of positions on the labor market. It's impossible to know exactly which tasks and aspects are being discussed for all professions. This makes it difficult for some people to be able to choose which professions are suitable and which professions or activities offer a connection to someone's unique profile. A career interview can be a useful tool for gaining this insight. In addition, a professional choice test or a professional test is also regularly used.

Why a career choice test?

A career choice test is generally easy to complete and is a relatively inexpensive means to gain insight into career wishes. Various career selection tests can be found on the internet. A number of these tests can be made free of charge or for a small fee. In general, a career choice test results in preferences for specific fields or professional fields. Most of the time, no concrete professions emerge. The person who took the test will have to use the result of the test to make further choices in the career. This can for example be done by applying for a job or by following training in the desired professional field. An important reason to follow a career choice test is to make the areas of interest of the person taking the test clear.

For whom are career selection tests meant?

Professional choice tests are made by different people. This can already start at primary school. In primary school, pupils can take a career choice test to get clarity about the areas of interest. These areas of interest are important for determining the educational direction. In general it's important to follow a course that matches the interests of the student. The student must have a certain professional image for this.

In addition, a vocational choice test is also regularly used in secondary education. Here, the student's areas of interest can be looked at more concretely. The tests are often supervised by an experienced study choice adviser or dean.

Career choice tests aren't only offered to students. They are also widely used in the business world to map the career paths of employees. This can be discussed, for example, in outplacement processes.

Job seekers also regularly make use of career choice tests. Hereby they can get clarity about their wishes on the labor market. The CV is also often used as a framework for revision.

Professional picture and career choice test

The questions in a career choice test are often focused on certain aspects of professions. The answers to the questions are included in the results. However, it's quite possible that a career selection test will show a completely different overview of professions than was initially expected.

The professional image is a very important aspect of someone's career orientation. It's wise to delve into professions carefully. In US there are many different professions that one can perform. Despite that, it appears in practice that many people focus on professions where they have a clear and positive image. Other professions that are less well-known are being put aside and are hardly or not at all visible in career orientation. A career choice test can ensure that someone can also look at other professions.

However, it's important that someone is open to thinking 'out of the box'. Existing imaging of professions will have to be adjusted regularly. In addition, new professions may come into the picture that may also be interesting.

Information about occupations

A career choice test isn't the ultimate solution for someone's career choice. There are very many different career choice tests and a different result can come from each test. This can cause a lot of uncertainty. It's not the career choice test that determines which profession someone should perform or what education someone should follow. Ultimately, the person determines what he or she will do with the result of the test.

In general it's wise to use the result of the test as a guideline to gather more information about professions. Someone who likes to be technically active and likes a key could get started in car engineering but also in steel construction or machine construction. The way in which an employee works in these technical fields is very different. The working conditions and risks are also different. This important information is generally not, or hardly, treated in the career choice test. Someone will have to search for information about professions.

Employment agencies and secondment agencies

It's of course important that someone chooses a profession that's actually in demand on the labor market. In general, orientation on the labor market is of great importance. Temporary employment agencies and secondment agencies have a good picture of the labor market and know what professions their clients need. Most employment agencies and secondment agencies are focused on a specific market segment. There are agencies that focus on healthcare, financial services, government, security and technology. The technology is a sector that's very diverse. The intermediary agencies in technology are also diverse. There are technical employment agencies, technical secondment agencies and there are agencies that focus on technical recruitment. All these different agencies have information about specific technical sectors. For a good picture of the possibilities in technology it's wise to visit these agencies. Naturally, this also applies to intermediary agencies that focus on other market segments.

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