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The Creative Resume

Employers or recruiters regularly receive 25 or more resumes for one vacancy. How do you ensure that your resume stands out among those at least 24 other resumes? In addition to choosing a clear layout that gives a good picture about you as an employee, you can create an original resume with creative solutions.

Creative resume examples

The best creative examples fit well with your industry or the position you have in mind. Are you going to apply in online marketing? Then consider a resume in the layout of Google's search results. In the travel industry you stand out with a resume that's designed as a travel voucher with a boarding pass. And a journalist with a resume that looks like a newspaper or magazine page will undoubtedly have an advantage with a potential new employer.

For more formal work environments, such as a bank, administration office or law firm, a too creative resume is less appropriate. In such a case, opt for a beautifully designed professional resume .

Creative online resume

You can stand out much more digitally than on paper. An online portfolio, an introductory video or perhaps even an entire website about yourself - it can all contribute positively during the application process.

However, make sure that the online elements are a supplement to your 'regular' resume. After all, during a job interview, a resume is often printed by the employer. It would be a shame if the most important information is missing, or if only the online version is referred to.

Keep it printer friendly

A creative and eye-catching resume doesn't necessarily have to be a colorful ink waster. A distinctive resume not only stands out with creative elements, but is also printer friendly.

Is graphic design a requirement for the position you're applying for? Then come out with a creative resume in which you can show your skills, but also provide a clear reference to the printer-friendly variant. With this you show that you aren't only graphically skilled, but also have an eye for detail.

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