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Nowadays it's no longer crazy. Many companies give applicants the opportunity to apply online. Via a telephone conversation or an online video call. Applying online offers many advantages, because it saves travel time and you can have the conversation in a familiar environment. Nevertheless, it's important to be well prepared now and not to overlook things. Curious how? With these tips you're well prepared for an online job interview.

1. Choose the right environment

The advantage of an online job interview is the environment: you can have the conversation anywhere. But that doesn't mean that every location is suitable for an online job interview. It's important to have the conversation in an environment that feels comfortable to you. Choose a quiet place with little background noise, where you'll not be disturbed by others and preferably with a neutral background.

Are you having the conversation at home? Then make sure you have a tidy place. Warn your housemates in time so that they don't make noise during your job interview. Also consider your pets. Place your cat in a different room for a while so that it doesn't walk in front of your screen. Noisy neighborhood? Then also close your windows.

2. Know the apps

Will it be an online video call? Then delve into the apps that allow you to make video calls. Think of Skype and FaceTime, but nowadays it's also fine through WhatsApp. You don't want to be faced with surprises. During or just before your conversation.

3. Test your equipment

Check. You're now familiar with the apps. But through which device do you want to conduct the conversation? Via your smartphone, PC, laptop or tablet? Actually, your device choice doesn't matter much. It's important that you're familiar with it. This way you can avoid unexpected scenarios. Turn off program notifications in the background and get a charged device or have your charger handy. In addition, check your internet connection, your microphone and headset before your call. You want to avoid being in the picture, but they can't hear you.

TIP: Practice the conversation a few times with a family member or friend so you know how the program works and if you're understandable.

4. Think about your presentation

An online conversation is often much more static than a face to face job interview. Therefore, practice the conversation beforehand to test it. It's important to monitor your posture. Make sure it's straight. In addition, make regular eye contact with your conversation partner during video calling. You do this by looking directly into the camera and not at the screen. It gives a good impression and shows that your attention is fully with the conversation. By practicing the online conversation beforehand, you'll immediately know whether you're in the right picture and have the correct distance to the screen.

Your online presentation is just as important. In addition, provide a professional profile photo and a professional username. If this is visible to your conversation partner.

5. Choose suitable clothing

You also want to leave a good impression through an online job interview. Are you in the picture? Wear suitable clothing now. Even if you're only half in the picture. For example, make sure that you're not wearing a white shirt with a white background or that there are stains on your clothes. Prepare by choosing your clothes in advance and wear this during a practice conversation; so you can immediately see how the clothes look on the screen. No idea what you can wear? Then get inspired inspired on our Pinterest full of trendy office outfits.

6. Call hands-free

Are you in the picture? Then the preference is for hands-free calling. Make sure you have the device; like you can put your tablet or phone somewhere at a good height. Holding the device during a call is very clunky and comes across as unprofessional. In addition, your hands are then free for non-verbal communication or for taking notes.

7. Be on time

It's also important that you're ready on time online. Prepare the device at the location and start the app in advance. Some programs also give you the opportunity to sit in an online waiting area.

8. Avoid distractions

Turn off the notifications of programs and / or apps and don't forget to stop your mobile. This will prevent you from being interrupted.

We wishe you good luck!

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