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Send This Thank You Note After Your Job Interview

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Send This Thank You Note After Your Job Interview

Send This Thank You Note After Your Job Interview
So, that job interview is over. And when people ask you how it went, a smile appears on your face. The click with the recruiter was there, you were fairly relaxed and you were able to clearly explain what your skills and ambitions are. If it is up to you, you are accepted. But you undoubtedly understand that it is not that easy. There are other candidates and nowadays they pull out all the stops to make a good impression. Written thank you after job interviews are becoming more and more frequent. If you do not use this tactic yet, this blog post will help you to send the perfect thank you note.

Handwritten Thank You

You already know the unwritten rule: you should send an application letter as an e-mail. Optionally you can choose to send the same application printed out, but do not dare to hand in a handwritten letter. No matter how beautiful your handwriting is, recruiters are no longer accustomed to it and are spending more time reading such a letter. You also run the risk that you will be mistaken for the fact that you did not dare to send an e-mail or printed letter. How different is it when it comes to the thank you letter after a job interview! This is a very short note that may not have a thirteen-in-a-dozen look. Compare it with the note that you get with a bottle of wine in your hotel room or when guests have stayed with you.

Nice Paper

Whether you write your thank you on a card or on letterhead, you may decide. But make sure it looks professional. So no hearts, bears or the name of a hotel. This may speak for itself, but you had to know what recruiters all come across. Buy some thicker paper in off-white or in a cream color, with a stylish envelope. If you are left-handed, work with a quick-drying ink to prevent your hand from sweeping over the written text and staining your thank you.

The Right Timing

If your application was on a Monday, do not wait until Friday to send the thank you. One of the functions of such a thank you note is that you remain fresh in the memory of your potential employer. It helps if this employer receives your thank you shortly after the job interview. Ideally, you should send this thank you immediately after the interview, so that the next day you are on the desk of the recruiter and you score those extra points.

Keep it Short

The best thank you is short. You have already told in your cover letter why you are a good candidate and emphasize this in the conversation. Even if some experts advise you to touch your three strongest points again, we do not recommend that. Your name should make enough calls to the receiver.

Send it to the Right Person

It is quite possible that the person who invited you for the job interview is not the same person who took the job interview. Make sure you know the name of the recruiter; If necessary, ask for a business card after the interview. This way you can be sure that you spell the name correctly in the salutation and on the envelope. A well-meaning thank you can be counter-productive if you blame the pride of your potential employer with a wrongly written name.

Example of a thank you

You may wonder now how such a thank you looks. What can you write on such a card or in a note like that? We therefore conclude this article with an example of a thank you note. Feel free to use this text below, but do not forget to adapt it to the addressee and the function. Dear [Mr / Mrs + surname], I would like to thank you for the pleasant conversation of today. It was nice to learn more about the vacancy of [job title] and [company name]. I am confident that I have made my suitability clear and I am happy to enter into a long-term partnership. With kind regards, [your name]

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