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When you're looking for a job you suddenly realize how many people are doing the same as you. How is it possible that a company doesn't find people to fill its vacancies? Because spreading a few positions in a sea of ​​candidacies isn't so simple. There are companies that are dedicated to hiring workers to transfer them to other companies. It's not the only service they offer, but their reason for being. We refer to temporary work companies " Temporary Employment Agencies ".

Work of temporary agencies and assignment of employees

If you go to a temporary agency to leave your CV, they won't charge you, and most likely they will offer you at least one orientation on your profile. Customers of a temporary agency aren't workers, but companies. They seek to solve them or give them support in human resources management. In that sense, although the main task of temporary agency is to hire candidates that fit the positions they need to fill, they also try to solve other needs. For example, the formation of the template. They also have resources to deal with very complex selection processes, either because they require very qualified talent or because they have to do it in record time.

The temporary agency hires the selected candidates. Its clients, the user companies, have the assignment of the workers, don't have a direct labor agreement with them. This type of intermediation can only be done by temporary agencies and, for this, they must be authorized.

What differentiates a temporary from a placement agency

The main difference between both types of entities is that temporary agencies are authorized to assign their workers and non-placement agencies. That's to say, the two are intermediaries, but the placement agencies only engage the candidates in contact with the companies, while the temporary agencies hire the candidates themselves.

On the other hand, placement agencies are closely related to the Public Employment Service. Their employment counselors provide support to people in search of employment under SEPE guidelines. Besides, they carry out actions on specially unprotected groups.

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