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'Tell something about yourself?' Do you also panic when you hear this question? You're not the only one. Many people find it difficult to answer that question during an application. It's even a trap for many applicants. What is the right way to answer that question?

Many people find it difficult to answer the question 'tell something about yourself', because the question is rather vague. What exactly is meant? Important to know! This question isn't an invitation to talk extensively about your life.

'Tell something about yourself'

How can you best tell about yourself during an application? First of all, make sure you're well prepared. A good start is half the work!

Start from the beginning

Briefly introduce yourself. State your name, your age and where you live . For example: "I'm Kimberly Weinands, I'm 28 years old and live in beautiful Amsterdam." That's it. More personal information isn't necessary in the first instance. We don't need to know that you have ridden before and that your favorite series is .....

Use your resume

Use your resume . Use, not read. There is an important difference between the two. You don't have to list everything. Only the points that you think are important to know. And as soon as it's needed, just give some extra information. Make sure you have mentioned the following points anyway: education, work experience and topics that interest you.

Keep it short

Make sure you don't speak too much. At least one minute and at most two minutes. They have already viewed your resume and so know a lot of things. If they want to know more, they can still ask.

Feel free to tell about yourself and your life. For example, are you applying for an editorial position and do you keep a blog in your spare time? Then tell that. Finally, employers want to get to know you a little during such a conversation.

Don't you see it that way yet? Some people use the present-past-future formula for this question .

Present-past-future formule

'Tell me about yourself' is the first and almost the best chance to pitch during a job interview why you're suitable for the job. How do you do this?

A commonly used formula is the present-past-future formula . I'll explain it for you. If you want to tell something about yourself on the basis of this formula, you do so as follows: you start about what you're currently doing in the field of work. Then tell a little bit about what you did for this. And last but not least, why you're suitable for the new position. That then looks something like this:

"Well, I'm currently an account manager at (company), where I communicate with our best performing customers. Before that I worked at an agency where I had three different national brands under my care. And while I really enjoyed the work I did, this position seems like a nice challenge to my personal career."

This is of course an example, so adjust it completely to your motivation to apply for this position. "A nice challenge" is of course just as vague as the "tell me something about yourself" question.

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