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Due to numerous technological developments, most employees are no longer tied to a physical workplace and so more and more people work from home. Older employees, who have never known anything other than a traditional office, are particularly put off. However, telecommuting (teleworking) has many advantages for all.

Advantages of Telecommuting

We list here the biggest 8 advantages (pros) to telecommute:

1. You make your own desk

Those who do telecommuting usually do this from home. Many people then make the mistake that the workplace in their own home should be just as boring as the one in the office - with a sober table, a 'real' office chair and unadorned walls.

But why not make yourself cozier and more comfortable? Put yourself in your favorite chair or at the bar in your kitchen. Or why not in your veranda? You shouldn't even stay at home. That's exactly the luxury of telecommute. If you have enough discipline, you can safely go to your favorite coffee bar. In the summer, the garden and park nearby are excellent options.

2. You save money

Working at home saves you money. Agreed, the heating is running and you use some electricity, but if you're not too crazy, that doesn't outweigh the saved costs of your transport. You also put money in your pocket in other areas. Take your clothes: you can do less with a suit vest or suit. At home you just do what you find pleasant. You also stay away from the overpriced coffee, soft drink and candy machine and the overpriced sandwiches.

3. You have more time

When you work at home, you don't necessarily have to follow the rhythm of your colleagues. If your work is done on time, no one will have any comments if you flexibly set your hours for telecommuting. You may need to be available again for a phone call or conference call, but you can enter any hours around that at your discretion. You can work at night, for example, or just start very early.

You can skip the breaks that you usually take with your colleagues, so that you can finish a bit earlier and pick up the children from school. And during the break you can do what you want. If you take a five minute rest in the office, it isn't appreciated if you take a dance or a nap. It does you more pleasure than those five minutes of Facebook or the umpteenth coffee talk.

4. You become more inventive

Anyone surrounded by colleagues tends to always involve those people or ask for advice. You quickly ask what you don't know. That doesn't work at home, so you become more inventive and proactive. You go looking for solutions yourself. You learn more quickly, because you don't assume that someone else will solve it for you. In the meantime, you will also learn other skills. Such as: communicating efficiently. If you work remotely with your colleagues, you should be able to write thorough emails or make clear agreements.

5. You have more pleasant meetings

Let's face it: a meeting at work is almost never pleasant. Meetings often get tedious, there is always someone who gets on your nerves. If you work remotely, meetings are also remote. You will quickly notice that an online meeting usually goes much smoother than one in real life. People stick to the most necessary points and since everyone is at their laptop, important documents can be forwarded immediately. So no hassle with copies or attachments that are forgotten.

The loose chats in between also become much more efficient. Because you know that you don't always see your colleague physically, you ask your questions more specifically. You agree more concretely and clearly. If you bring questions or messages by email, they are to the point. This saves you and your colleagues time.

6. Your social contact improves

Many people fear that they will become lonely at home. But that's not so bad. The times you come to the office, the contact just intensifies. If you work at home, you also have more time for your real friends. You can use the hours you save on traffic jams or long train rides to catch up with friends or family.

7. You are more focused

If you learn to ignore the household chores and other distractions in your own home, you get more work done at home than at the office. Because in your own living room there are no colleagues who “quickly” ask a question of twenty minutes and you don't have to have any obligatory talk at the coffee machine. If you want to work concentrated, just turn off your email and phone. Very efficient.

8. You are spared from 'office politics'

An office is a society in itself, with all the associated troubles and unnecessary discussions - call it office politics. Some colleagues want background music, others don't. Some are annoyed by clutter, others prefer chaos. The tactical games are also tiring. And so we can continue for a while. Those who work at home simply do their own thing. Without having to negotiate with colleagues. You save all that useless energy you lose in the office at home. And you can use it outside working hours for much more pleasant things.

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