Talent Acquisition


What is Talent Acquisition Process?

The talent acquisition is the process of "finding and acquiring qualified professional staff" for the needs of the company and to meet any job requirement. When used in the context of recruitment and human resources, talent acquisition refers to the talent acquisition team or team within the human resources department. The acquisition of talent in a company is responsible for the exploration, acquisition, as well as evaluation and hiring of all candidates who meet expectations and meet the requirements to meet the company's goals and projects.

The acquisition of talent as a unique function is a relatively new aspect; In fact, in many companies, hiring is still an indistinct function of a human resources manager. In many companies, hiring as a designation does not include sufficient duties that fall to the corporate recruiter. The acquisition of talent today is a strategic function within the organization, which includes the hiring of talented professionals, in addition to the staff planning functions such as the case of organizational talent forecasting, the channeling of talent, as well such as talent evaluation and talent strategy and development .

The acquisition of talent is becoming a unique profession, so those talent acquisition professionals are usually experts not only in hiring tactics, but also in the evaluation of candidates, compliance with the rules and hiring, as well as branding practices and contracting initiatives in companies. The talent acquisitionIt is also closely linked to marketing and public relations, as well as human resources. Because global organizations require worldwide recruitment with disparate needs and requirements, effective recruitment requires well-thought corporate messaging around disparate requirements.

Talent recruitment professionals often move between recruitment agencies and institutional hiring positions. In most companies, the recruitment functions are no different, however the acquisition of talent today is becoming a set of unique skills. Because professionals often deal with talent issues such as employee retention and career development.

That is why some business advisors are proposing for a unique talent department of the human resources department since the acquisition and development of talent are intertwined with the success and efficiency that in the end is what is sought in all companies. The acquisition of talent is a simple process of hiring good talent to meet the needs of companies, but as a professional, the acquisition of talent is rapidly revolutionizing based on a unique and important job. That is why in many companies this technique of talent acquisition has already begun to be implemented .

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