Supervision Responsibilities


Supervision is used mainly in the field of companies, where the position of supervisor usually exists. In this sense, supervision is a technical and specialized activity whose purpose is the rational use of productive factors. The supervisor is in charge of controlling that the workers, raw materials, machinery and all the company's resources are coordinated to contribute to the success of the company.

The Main Supervision Responsibilities are:

1. Project. You must schedule or plan the day's work, establish the priority and order, taking into account the resources and the time to do it, in the same way the degree of effectiveness of your collaborators, as well as the way to develop said work within from your department. Project in the short, medium and long term. It's one of the fundamental pillars for the success of any supervisor.

2. Lead. This function includes the delegation of authority and decision-making, which implies that the supervisor must start good human relations, ensuring that his instructions are clear, specific, concise and complete, without forgetting the general level of skills of his collaborators..

3. Develop. This function imposes on the supervisor the responsibility of constantly improving their personnel, developing their skills at work, studying and analyzing work methods and developing training plans for new and old personnel, thus raising the efficiency levels of their employees. collaborators, will motivate towards work, will increase job satisfaction and will achieve a high quality work and will be able to achieve greater business productivity in the organization.

4. Control. It means creating awareness in your collaborators so that each one of them is the controllers of their management, then the supervisor acts as a conciliator of all the objectives set. Supervising implies controlling. The supervisor must constantly evaluate to detect to what degree the plans are being obtained by him or by the company's management.

New professionals have learned how to be a good supervisor within an organization. To do this, attitudes and skills are needed in management, work team management, instruction, new methodologies and above all, correct decision-making that guides the company on the path to success.

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