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An internship means that you work for a - predetermined - period at a company, organization or institution.

What is a summer internship?

A summer internship is a short internship that you can do in the summer. The interpretation of the internship differs per company and the duration is usually about six to eight weeks. A summer internship is a nice addition to your resume without the delay of study and the opportunity to discover where your interests lie.

The importance of internship

An internship is an important part of many courses. While doing an internship at a company, you will "gain practical experience". You "see and learn what the profession entails". Often different assignments have to be made during the internship. That's why it's wise to find a company where you can carry out these assignments well.


When is the best time to start looking for an internship? And what things should you look for in your search? We give you a few tips for good preparation!

Start searching on time

When you do an internship, it's wise to start your search on time. Many companies are also looking for new interns well before the start of the internship. If you start too late, there is a chance that many companies have already found interns, so there is no more room. This increases the chance that you end up at a company where your interest isn't entirely. Some schools schedule classes to prepare for an internship, so it's wise to make good use of these classes.

Where is your interest?

Do you start looking for an internship company in time? Then you also have enough time to think about where your interests lie. When you find out where your interests lie, you can search more specifically for an internship that suits you.

Requirements from the training

When you're looking for a company where you can do an internship, it's important to take into account the requirements that your education places on an internship company. At an internship company you must be able to carry out your assignments properly. That's why it's smart to pay close attention to this when searching. The requirements are different for every course.

It may happen that when you start searching too late, and you think you have found an internship, it turns out that it doesn't meet the requirements of your education. Then you have a problem if the internship is rejected.


Guidance is very important during an internship. That's why it's good to check in advance how the guidance is in a company. Are trainees assigned a permanent supervisor? And does the company have enough experience with guiding interns?

Cover letter

Are you applying to a company by means of a cover letter? Then make sure your cover letter is in order. You can do this by preparing your cover letter in a clear and easy to read manner. To make your letter clear, use paragraphs. Also make sure your letter doesn't get too wordy. It's important that your letter is written in correct Dutch. You can have your letter checked by someone else to be sure.

How do you look for an internship?

There are several ways to find an internship. Some schools have an internship agency that can help you find a suitable internship. Does your school not have this? Your education can often help you further.

Visiting internship websites is also a good way to find an internship. These sites often have many internships on their website. On these websites you can easily sort or search for your education. It may also be an option to sign up with internship placement agencies. They can also help you find a suitable internship.

Also ask around friends, family and acquaintances or post a message on your social media accounts so that others can help you with your search for an internship. It can also help to post on LinkedIn that you're looking for an internship company.

Have you found a company that appeals to you? Companies often post vacancies for interns on their website, or you could search a website that list this service such as:

- Idealist

- YouTern

- Chegg Internships

- LinkedIn

- Glassdoor

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