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Successful Onboarding

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Onboarding often means the training of a new employee. Literally it means 'bringing on board'. The process starts when an employee has said yes to the new job, so even before someone is formally employed by the organization.

Onboarding originated in the United States and is a structural part of business operations there. Originally, onboarding was just a digital process: new employees learned the general rules within the organization through the internet or could already find out who they could go to for what. Nowadays, onboarding means the entire familiarization procedure, so not only online but also offline " in the office ". For example, it's possible that employees go on a company outing or get to know their colleagues before their official employment. Onboarding is also sometimes referred to as organizational socialization.

Research shows that 90% of people in the first six months of their new job decide whether they want to stay longer. it's very expensive for an organization to recruit people. With onboarding you ensure that people feel welcome and the first impression is good. Onboarding can speed up the induction process and increase the involvement of a new employee. It sends a signal to an employee that he or she is investing and that an organization wants a person to feel at home. Onboarding can also ensure that an employee immediately has a clear picture of his or her role and what's expected of him or her. Onboarding gives the employee more self-confidence about their own abilities and makes people feel accepted more quickly. Given the tightness on thelabor market onboarding is becoming more well-known and popular.

4 success factors for onboarding new employees

The hiring of new employees takes a lot of time, as does the incorporation of a new acquisition for the organization. it's very important to pay enough attention to this. Why? Because 30 percent of the new employees who don't get 'onboard' in a good way are already looking for a new job after six months.

This is of course not the intention. It saves a lot of time, annoyance and disappointment if you invest in an effective onboarding method for new employees right from the start. This is possible with an onboarding program, but equally important is the attention that colleagues and managers give to the new team member. In addition, the program must not only focus on the basic information, such as the vision and mission of the company, but also on the role of the new employee, knowledge of the culture and the social integration of the position.

It's important that online onboarding inspires new employees and ensures that they are proud to be part of the organization. They must feel welcome, but they must also gain insight into the organization and culture. In addition, a sense of solidarity with colleagues and the organization is crucial. With the following four factors, your onboarding program will in any case be a success:


By sharing knowledge about the organization, the employee will feel connected to the company where he or she joins. Consider, for example, the mission, vision and history. Within this factor it's also good to make the employee proud as a team member of the new employer.


All elements of the onboarding program must breathe the culture of the organization. The standard issues that are considered important, but also the culture that prevails among employees, company outings and lunch. This too is something that needs to be made acquainted with.


With this factor, the rules and laws that employees must comply with are quickly considered, but there is much more to it. The principles, norms and values ​​are also important. How do colleagues interact with each other and how do they deal with customers and suppliers?


The way you turn things around, the most important thing in every organization is the people. So let the new employee get to know the colleagues. Let the new employee get to know them, know what they are doing and what they can be approached for. But also what the new acquisition can offer the company.

The onboarding of new employees is a process and not a one-off action. it's good to start the program immediately on the first day, but too much information in the first eight hours or even during the first week is only counterproductive. So think carefully about which information is relevant and when and also adjust this for the new employee.

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