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If you have ever had a job interview, you will know that employers like to try to discover issues related to your personality, specially to know if you will be able to adapt properly to the company's philosophy and the functions of the job . One of the most used ways to gather this information about the candidate is the question about strengths and weaknesses in the job interview . This is a question of the job interview that can tell much more about ourselves than we can imagine, so it's important to know what to answer to be honest and, at the same time, project a positive image to your interviewer.

What to answer when asked about your weaknesses in the job interview?

The person who interviews you can ask you directly about your strengths and weaknesses or do it indirectly, for example, asking you to identify what you could improve in your behavior and in the way you work.

In any case, you should know that your answer will be analyzed to the last detail . If we start with the weak points, keep in mind that identifying them will be very simple, but you will not always have to share them all with the employer.

Although it's not about lying, you can reinforce your weaknesses in the job interview or even explain some of your weaknesses very briefly.

As for strengths, the same thing happens. You may think that any strength you explain in the interview will be well seen by your interlocutor, but it's not so. Depending on your response, you may get the opposite effect. For example, the interviewer may perceive in you some pride and little self-criticism .

Examples of weaknesses for the job interview

But so that you have a little clearer what to answer and what not, we give you some examples below. In relation to weak points, these are undoubtedly some good answers:

I don't feel comfortable delegating tasks

If this is your case, it would be good to highlight that you would like to learn to delegate your work effectively to focus your time on more important ones, and that you may not be able to do so because of an excess of responsibility. Say also that you are working on improving this aspect by listing your tasks and giving them a priority.

I find it difficult to reject a collaboration request from any partner

This, on the one hand, indicates that you are supportive and a good companion, but it shows that you don't have enough integrity and organizational capacity to reject certain requests. One possibility is to say that you are trying to think it through before giving a response to the partner and analyze your daily planning more carefully.

I have trouble speaking in public

Point out here that you are sure that with practice you can improve this aspect.

First of all we advise you to contribute only a weak point . It's not a question of generating a too negative view of ourselves. However, if the employer insists that you give it one more point, you can do so by always measuring the response.

Secondly, it's very positive that you accompany each weak point with a solution, which you should already be applying to get rid of that weakness . Explain this to the person who is interviewing you and surely the negative effect of the weakness diminishes.

List of strengths of a person in the job interview

These can be some examples of strengths:

I like team work

I'm an empathetic and communicative person

I know how to organize myself well and order priorities

The most important thing in any case is that you are humble and, above all, that you have prepared examples that illustrate the virtues you are transmitting.

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