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A staffing agency - also known as a recruitment company or an employment agency - is a company that mediates between people looking for work and companies looking for staff.

Every day a staffing agency is looking for vacancies for which they can propose the right candidates. People looking for work can register for free at a staffing agency and companies looking for employees can also post vacancies for free.

If a company hires a temporary worker, the company pays a certain rate for this. This rate includes the hourly wage of the temporary worker, social security costs and other costs, as a result of which the temporary staffing agency has a small profit margin.

A summary of staffing agencies services

Temporary staffing agencies offer various services:

  • Temporary employment: temporary jobs that vary from a few days to a few months.
  • Secondment: longer jobs of usually half a year that offer a temporary worker more certainty.
  • Payroll: a company has recruited an employee and places it with the staffing agency.
  • Recruitment and selection: the staffing agency arranges recruitment and selection for a company.

Why to work with a staffing agency?

This depends if you're a job seeker or employer, here is a brief:

Looking for a job?

If you're looking for a job or looking for a new challenge, you can use the services of a staffing agency. To do this, register yourself or look in advance at the various vacancies that are offered. You're usually invited for an interview to register with a staffing agency or posting agency. In this interview you'll be introduced and your wishes with regard to a job can be determined. This makes it easier for the staffing agency to look for a suitable vacancy for you. If this is found, then support will be provided with the application and mediation with the company.

Searching for staff

Companies looking for new staff can also use the services of a staffing agency. Because a staffing agency in many cases already has a large file of candidates at its disposal, there is a good chance that you as a company can quickly find a suitable candidate through this route. If that's not the case in the first instance, then a vacancy can be created which is also distributed through the staffing agency. People can respond to this who aren't yet included in the file of the staffing agency.

Staffing agencies & types of vacancies

Temporary staffing agencies often offer vacancies in many different branches. There are also staffing agencies that specialize in specific fields. These companies then have the necessary contacts with, for example, companies and job seekers in the construction or healthcare sectors. By using the services of these agencies, searching for a job or for a new employee can only become easier. The advantage of this method of recruitment is that a foundation has already been laid by the staffing agency so that mediation can run smoothly.

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