Soft Skills


Many think that this term equals communication skills such as clear communication and good listening. But it's so much more than that. Also smooth teamwork, being able to plan and organize the work, managing your time well, winning colleagues for your ideas and not panicking in a conflict are among the 'soft' skills.

What is covered by 'soft skills'? You can find a detailed overview here.

One common thread: soft skills always have to do with people. How they function themselves and with each other in the workplace. Hence the frequently used terms 'personal skills' and 'people skills'.

Soft skills in the workplace

Most soft skills describe your ability to deal with yourself, with others and with your work. Companies attach importance to it because your soft skills tell a lot about the way in which you'll do your work.

Are you chaotic or organized? Detailed or conceptual? Rather docile or entrepreneurial? A team player or individualistic? Constructive or cynical?

"There is a big gap between what employers consider important and how younger employees assess that themselves"

Your diploma, experience and technical skills are of course important, but it's your soft skills that make the difference.

How does 'the boss' view it?

The HR trade magazine surveyed which soft skills are most appreciated by employers when they assess candidates.

Soft skills vs hard skills.

What is the difference with ' hard skills '? Hard skills - the knowledge and skills you need for your job - can usually be expressed in figures. The grade on your diploma, the score on your qualification test and even the scores on language skills are objective parameters. Measuring leadership, team spirit and resistance to stress is a little less obvious. Simply because those skills are more subjective. Although it's certainly not unthinkable. Level B2 for giving and receiving feedback, C2 for keeping cool under all circumstances: why not?

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