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There are many reasons why employees leave a company, the lack of appreciation is among the highest in the lists. It's such a simple thing, but we usually ignore it completely. When employees feel valued, employee morale increases and productivity can increase as a result. Showing appreciation for someone is important in all aspects of your life, not just in your work life. But today, we will focus on 10 ways to show appreciation to your employees ...

How to show appreciation to your employees:


The path to the hearts of your employees is through their stomachs. If there is something that all your employees have in common, it's that everyone eats. And besides, who doesn't like a free lunch? Providing meals or snacks for your employees is an easy and affordable way to show appreciation. Another advantage with food is that the possibilities are endless, so your employees will never get bored. Due to its affordability and flexibility, you can provide weekly, monthly, quarterly lunches or make small snacks more frequently. Expert Tip: Consider many options for people with dietary restrictions. They will feel very much appreciated!


'Bean bags', foot tables, exercise balls, comfortable chairs, etc ... there are so many options! Although you can see how to pamper your employees, it's proven that the comfort in the office has direct benefits for the health of the employees, contrary to when they sit in traditional office chairs. By providing these solutions, employees can also reduce the risk of common illnesses and injuries in the workplace.


When people take a break, it's usually because they are sick, they need to go on a date or take a vacation. The employee must be the one to start the free time, but what if they were told that they can take a day off just because? As much as your employees like to work, one day out of the office can work miracles. Let them take the day off to do whatever they want, and they will be renewed and rejuvenated .


Organizing events for your employees is an excellent way to show appreciation to everyone and also creates time for employees to socialize with each other. Organize small stress-free activities so it doesn't feel like a normal meeting.


Place a box somewhere downtown in the office with paper and pens next to it. This will be a box where employees can write about things that other employees did well and give a compliment, an opportunity to be recognized. Depending on what fits your organization, read them aloud to the team at the end of the week's meeting so that those employees can be recognized. it's also possible to do it digitally and anonymously.


Another way to publicly recognize how amazing your employees are is by publishing it on social networks. Linkedin is a great place to talk about the achievements of your employees and show appreciation.


Many happy employees are proud to work where they are. They want to show where they work, especially if they are given for free. Instead of going directly to the pens or notebooks with the company logo, show them how much you appreciate them going one step further and get them materials with some value. Look for the possibility to customize the company's poles with their names, or water bottles, or computer cases.


There is nothing better than talking to someone face to face and thanking them. In this context, bosses can go into details about what they value specifically in the employee. If you have an open door policy, this can also be a great opportunity to ask the employee about any comments and see if there is something on the side of employers that can be improved. People feel appreciated when they have someone who listens to them and ideas are implemented.


Gift cards and coupons are an excellent option for employees, as they are given the flexibility to use them as they wish. Some ideas for people with families: distribute movie tickets so they can share and enjoy their achievements with their family. A safe bet to choose the right gift cards would be to simply ask employees to send you their favorite stores by email. Make sure you have variety: restaurants, shops and entertainment .


It offers courses and workshops for your employees and thus help them to continue developing their professional careers. Some useful workshops could include: Excel training courses and leadership courses. Allowing your employees to take a break from their daily tasks to learn new things is not only beneficial for you, but also for your company. If your company uses certain software, check the certifications that your employees could receive. This allows employees to show in their resumes that they are certified to work with that software and feel much more satisfied.

Show appreciation to all your employees

By showing appreciation to all your employees, you create a positive environment. And a positive environment means more productive work. Don't let the lack of recognition be the reason why the best employees leave. Small gestures can mean a lot to employees, so let's begin to recognize and appreciate employees who are true rock stars!

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