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The concept of service refers to the action to serve, however this concept has multiple meanings from the matter in which it's treated.

Services, from the point of view of marketing and economics, are the activities that attempt to satisfy the needs of customers. Services are the same as a good, but in a non-material or intangible way. This is because the service is only presented without the consumer owning it.

Features of the services

The services can be administered both from the State and from the private sectors, even in a mixed way. The services are defined as heterogeneous since the services provided can never be identical due to different variables, also as intangible since the user can't touch them, this is the case of customer service telephone lines. And as already mentioned it can't be owned.

Some of the basic issues that are considered to be providing services are the good treatment of their clients, satisfying their needs, offering the possibility of gratitude or complaint, generally in writing.

Last but not least, service providers must comply with the agreement, which is usually determined through a contract. In them, the conditions of the services to be provided by the company or the state must be clearly outlined.

Intelligence services

Intelligence service is understood as the means to obtain information, under the idea of ​​defense and security of a country. For this, citizens, their activities and others are investigated in order to create files and profiles of them. However, these types of services often go beyond the line of legality and carry out activities such as wiretapping or espionage.

Many times these can be government entities and others can be private, on certain occasions the latter exceed state borders, to generate interstate cooperation ties.

Military service

The military service aims to dictate activities to train future soldiers. They are trained from traditional values and customs, always accompanied by disciplinary limits. The soldiers are trying to acquire values ​​such as courage, honesty and come to love their homeland.

The specific objectives of military service are usually related to the preservation of the sovereignty of each country and its independence, but it's also important to highlight its intervention not only in occasions of internal social crises or foreign invasions, but also in the face of natural catastrophes. Today military service is often optional in most countries.

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