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The social sciences group all scientific disciplines whose object of study is linked to the activities and behavior of human beings. The social sciences, therefore, analyze the manifestations of society, both material and symbolic.

Hence, for example, it's generally common to use the term social sciences as a synonym for human sciences.

It could be said that these sciences study what isn't incumbent on the natural sciences. The people have consciousness and the ability to develop abstract representations which influence their behavior. That's why social interaction is governed by various supposed rules and norms; natural sciences, on the other hand, work with factual objects and use the scientific method more rigorously. The social sciences, in general, can't apply for universal laws.

At present we have to underline that social sciences have become a fundamental part of education in any country. Thus, in some countries, for example, students in Primary Education and Secondary Education have subjects that deal with them.

Thus, although so far in the field of Primary the subject Knowledge of the Environment was established to encompass the Sciences of Nature and Social Sciences, now there has been an educational reform by the current Minister of Education that has established that both They are studied separately and become independent subjects.

In Secondary, for their part, students also have Social Science subjects where they address and study issues such as physical geography, demography, early civilizations, economics, different economic sectors as well as other historical stages.

In the same way we can't forget the fact that in other countries also such sciences are very present in education in another way. Thus, a clear example of this is the University of Buenos Aires that has its own Faculty of Social Sciences. In it, careers such as Social Work, Communication Sciences, Sociology, Political Science or Labor Relations are studied, among others.

But the latter isn't the only case, in Salamanca there is also the Faculty of Social Sciences.

The social sciences can be divided into those dedicated to the study of the evolution of societies ( archeology, history, demography ), social interaction ( economics, sociology, anthropology ) or the cognitive system ( psychology, linguistics ). You can also talk about applied social sciences ( law, pedagogy ) and other social sciences grouped in the generic group of humanities ( political sciences, philosophy, semiology, communication sciences ).

It should be noted that the social sciences can study the declared and conscious intentions of people, but also the observed behavior.

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