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It's known as public relations or PR to science that's responsible for managing communication between an organization and society, with the aim of building, managing and maintaining its positive image. It's said that its origins date back to ancient times, when tribal societies tried to promote respect for the chief's authority.

However, we can't overlook the existence of negative public relations. As its own name indicates are those actions that are carried out totally contrary to what we have previously stated, in its case the function they have is to discredit the opposing company, the direct rival.

To achieve this purpose, negative public relations carry out what is the extension of nothing positive rumors that involve the discredit of their "enemy", the use of real data that serve as a comparison with their own and that are detrimental to that or by lies.

It's a planned discipline that develops strategically and appeals to a two-way communication, since it's addressed to an audience (internal and external) but also listens to and addresses its needs.

Among the main tasks of public relations, there is the management of internal communications (to know the human resources of the organization and that they understand institutional policies), the management of external communications (to make itself known), the humanistic functions (tries to gain the trust of the public) and the analysis and understanding of public opinion (to later act on it).

Public relations work together with other disciplines and areas, such as psychology, sociology and marketing.

Such is the value that public relations currently have in our society and specifically in the business field that the corresponding university degree already exists on it. In some countries there are several schools and university centers that offer the Degree of Advertising and Public Relations. A career is framed within the so-called "communication", which also include Journalism and Audiovisual Communication.

The importance of public relations lies in working with intangible resources such as identity (what characterizes the organization and the difference from the rest), philosophy (the overall objective of the organization), culture (its way of acting), the image (its representation) and reputation (the mental representation it generates in the public).

One of the pillars and fundamental works that every person who is dedicated to what are the aforementioned public relations has is the management of the corporate image. And this identity is vital for the population to identify with the company in particular. To do this, in this sense the professionals of this area will be devoted to study in depth and develop all kinds of work such as interviews or surveys.

At present, public relations are often subordinated to marketing, since the functioning of organizations is usually only based on business logic.

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