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The science dedicated to describing our planet is called geography. According to their specific object of study, there are several branches of geography, each one focused on different issues.

Political geography is the specialization of geography that studies the organization and distribution of human beings and states on the earth's surface. In other words, this division of geography analyzes how the territory is distributed according to the space occupied by man.

The field of study of political geography is very broad and encompasses government systems, political processes, territorial organization and state institutions, among other issues. In general, it can be said that political geography investigates political events based on geographical factors, taking into account their influence on the functioning of the State.

In this way, it's dedicated to the study of the relations established between people, the State and the territory, considering the effects caused by political power on space. That's why its interests include the internal organization of each State and the territorial conflicts that occur between different countries.

The State, in short, is the entity that regulates the use of geographical space by people. Political geography can concentrate on different levels of analysis, since state control can be carried out in a local or regional, national and international dimension. It's the State that acts as a mediator between the forces in conflict and can lead to the disintegration or cohesion of a territory.

In the same way, we have to establish that this term is widely used within the field of education. Thus, for example, when students study in their school or institute what is the political geography map of a country, what they do is learn both the autonomous communities that integrate it and the capitals of those as well as the most significant provinces and cities.

It's important to know that, sometimes, political geography is often confused with geopolitics. However, they are different things. Thus, the first understands the State as a static entity, the second perceives it as a dynamic entity, hence I study thoroughly from its birth to its growth through the dynamics it possesses and even the evolution it's having.

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