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The ornithology is the branch of zoology focused on the study of birds. The term comes from the Latin scientific ornithology.

A bird is an animal of the group of vertebrates, whose body is covered by feathers. The presence of a pair of wings and a cornea-shaped beak are other characteristics of these creatures that are analyzed by ornithology experts.

The origins of ornithology are remote and can be located in the Stone Age, when prehistoric man began to represent bird figures in drawings. The need to hunt these animals to use them as food; domestication and poultry breeding; and falconry contributed, little by little, to the development of knowledge in this field.

As a specialized science, ornithology was advancing with the passage of time. Numerous scientists, through their studies and publications, were key in this process. Certain technological discoveries such as telescopes and other optical instruments that made it possible to observe wild specimens in different fields were also essential.

One of the peculiarities of ornithology is the relevance of the contributions of fans. There are guides to observe and identify birds that help many people to enter the discipline and carry out their own work, often following the scientific method.

Among the usual applications of the knowledge of ornithology, the efforts made for the conservation of species, the treatment of certain animals as pests and the use of meat, eggs and feathers can be named.

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