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Library science is part of the social sciences and is a multidisciplinary specialization. It covers different issues related to education, information and communication technologies ( ICT ), management tools and the preservation of documentation.

Among the many and diverse tasks carried out by the library expert, we can highlight some such as the following:

- Collect all the information and documentation that's messy and scattered to classify, catalog and index it properly.
- In the same way, that professional can organize and manage all kinds of libraries, whether specific, general, documentation, public, private...
- Select the material with which you work based on the needs of users.
- Attend, when necessary, the queries that users make.
- Administrates and organizes in an appropriate manner what is the loan service of the diverse bibliographic material.
- It's responsible, in the same way, to design the set of databases.
- Proceed to gather, care and protect the different historical material that may be had. That happens to evaluate properly, to make copies, to keep it in the best conditions, to advise those who conduct studies on it...

Thanks to library science, it's possible to create models and systems that allow organizing information (documents and books), so that people have access to it easily.

One of the keys to library science is knowledge management. In the last decades, digitalization has become a central theme in this since it allowed to organize data in a more efficient way. That's why today all libraries have databases that are digital and can be consulted and managed through a computer (a computer).

Beyond digital, library science also contemplates the organization and classification of physical documents (books, newspapers, magazines).

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