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About Information Technology

Information technology refers to the automatic processing of information through electronic devices and computer systems. Computer systems must have the ability to fulfill three basic tasks: input (information gathering), processing and output (transmission of results). The set of these three tasks is known as an algorithm.

Computer science brings together many of the techniques that man has developed in order to enhance his thinking, memory and communication skills. Its area of ​​application has no limits: information technology is used in business management, information storage, process control, communications, transport, medicine and many other sectors.

Computer science also covers the main fundamentals of computer science, such as programming for software development, computer and hardware architecture, networks such as the Internet and artificial intelligence. It even applies to various electronic topics.

It's considered that the first programmable and fully automatic machine in history was the Z3 computer, designed by the German scientist Konrad Zuse in 1941. This machine weighed 1,000 kilograms and took three seconds to perform a multiplication or division. The addition or subtraction operations, however, took 0.7 seconds.

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