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The Hydrology is the scientific discipline that's dedicated to investigate the waters of the planet Earth. It's a specialty focused on the properties, circulation and distribution of rivers, oceans, etc.

The field of action of hydrology, however, transcends the study of water bodies and includes soil moisture, rainfall and other phenomena. The hydrography, however, merely describes the waters found on Earth.

It can be said that hydrology analyzes all the processes involved in the recovery and depletion of water resources. It's also oriented to the influence that water exerts on living beings and on the environment.

The applications of knowledge provided by hydrology are numerous. Engineering works related to water supply, drainage and circulation, for example, are based on hydrological information that allows models to be developed.

Thus, the construction of road infrastructure and flood protection, among many other tasks carried out by the State, contemplate the data provided by hydrology. Otherwise, water could affect roads and homes, to mention two possibilities.

There are several branches of knowledge that are associated with hydrology or even considered as a branch of it. The potamology, the oceanography and even the weather are some of these areas.

The medical hydrology finally focuses on the therapeutic use of water. Through jets, mists and other possibilities, it's possible to prevent and treat various health disorders.

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