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About Human Geography

The geography is the science devoted to describing the planet Earth. Human, meanwhile, is that linked to man as a species.

The idea of human geography, in this framework, refers to a branch of geography focused on the study of human communities from a space - related perspective. In this way, he analyzes how people are linked to the physical environment in which they reside.

Each society develops its environment from the transformation of the surface and its social structures according to their interests and needs. Political, economic and cultural processes, for example, affect these modifications. Human geography is specifically dedicated to studying the geographic systems that arise from the relationship between individuals and the physical space they inhabit.

It's often said that human geography is responsible for describing human landscapes in a scientific way. For this, it performs an analysis of the population distribution on the planet's surface, which is uneven and has all kinds of effects (economic, demographic, etc.). It can't be ignored that the physical environment offers specific resources and that the distribution of human beings in the environment is related to the possibility of accessing said resources.

Notably human geography intertwines with other geographic branches, such as economic geography, the political geography and cultural geography, among many others. All of them, together, allow to know the interactions between the human being and his physical environment, which influences economic activity, urbanization and political organization, as well as other issues.

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