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Ethology is called the study of the behavior of people or animals. It's a scientific discipline oriented to the analysis of behavior and character.

Ethology, therefore, can be framed in the work area of psychology or zoology. The expert on these issues is known as an ethologist.

It's important to keep in mind, however, that ethology is usually linked to animal behavior in relation to its environment. Although the human being can be considered as an animal and, therefore, is part of the object of study of ethology, in this case we usually speak of human ethology as a differentiated branch of psychology.

At a general level, ethology investigates instinct, innate actions, learned activities and the relationship between species and the environment. Thus, knowledge about social ties, mating and aggressiveness of animals can be generated, to mention some possibilities.

One of the objectives of ethology is to determine the cause of a behavior. Said motive can be internal (physiological) or external (social). In this sense, ethology concentrates on behavior to discover if it's something given by genetics or, on the other hand, if it's learned. Many times, however, the innate is combined with the result of learning.

Another focus of interest for ethology is animal consciousness. The specialists try to define if the species have different levels of consciousness even when they aren't human beings.

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