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The concept of climatology can be used to refer to all the properties and the factors that characterize a certain climate. The term climate, meanwhile, refers to the conditions of the atmosphere that are common in an area.

For example: "Due to the weather of the province, it's common for flights to be canceled in the winter season as heavy snow puts aircraft at risk", "This is a popular beach destination throughout the year thanks to its climatology ", " Due to the climate of the region, the authorities have designed emergency operations to respond to eventual intense phenomena ".

Climatology is also the scientific discipline that's dedicated to climate analysis. It's located among Earth sciences or more precisely as a branch of geography.

Many times there is confusion between the weather and the weather. Both are oriented to the phenomena that occur in the atmosphere, although with different objectives.

The weather seeks to know how the climate changes over time, focusing on its characteristics in the long term. The meteorology, on the other hand, aims to investigate the changes that are continuously recorded in the atmosphere, thus being able to make forecasts for the short term.

This means that, thanks to the weather, we can talk about the different climates that exist on Earth, such as the polar climate or the tropical climate, for example. For the weather, meanwhile, we can know if it'll rain tomorrow or what temperature is expected for the weekend.

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