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From the Egyptian keme ( "earth" ), chemistry is the science dedicated to the study of the structure, properties, composition and transformation of matter. It's possible to consider today's chemistry as an update or an evolved form of ancient alchemy.

Phrases in which the term may appear: "The explosion of the factory was due to chemical causes, experts explained, " "As a child I had a game to do chemical experiments", "Tomorrow I have a chemistry exam".

There are various disciplines within chemistry, which are grouped according to the type of study they perform or the kind of subject they study. It should be noted that chemistry also analyzes the changes that occur in matter during the so-called chemical reactions.

Broadly speaking, chemistry is divided into two well-defined groups, organic chemistry and inorganic chemistry. Organic chemistry is responsible for studying chemical reactions and the combination of carbon atoms, hydrocarbons and derivatives thereof, reaching all natural elements and organic (living) tissues. It offers solutions to improve the quality of life of the human being, in fields such as hygiene, health and the use of new materials that aren't harmful to the ecology of the environment. For its part, inorganic chemistry studies minerals and artificial products obtained from chemical reactions.

There are other more precise classifications such as biochemistry (which specializes in the investigation of substances present in biological entities), physical chemistry (for the study of energy issues of chemical systems), analytical chemistry and neurochemistry, among others.

Chemistry is considered the Central Science within the natural sciences, given its ubiquity that makes it essential for the resolution of problems or concerns in various fields of knowledge (such as biology, medicine, pharmacy, geology, astronomy and engineering ).

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